Our Mission

Your body is constantly working - 24/7/365.  You handle a variety of responsibilities at home, at work, and everywhere else in between.  We know how busy you are and that is why we are here to help you feel rejuvenated.  At Big Island MT, we know life can get a little hectic and the daily stress can pile up, so we have made it OUR MISSIONto provide our clients with everything needed for that paradise getaway.  Whether you are looking to escape the daily hassles or looking for pain management, Big Island MT has everything you need.

About Big Island MT

Big Island MT opened in the Fall of 2013 and has a foundation built from 2,500 hours in the study of kinesiology [skeletal movement] and anatomy & physiology [the structure and function of the body].  Our primary goal has been to help our guests relax through professional bodywork services.  However, we specialize in deep tissue therapy and orthopedic pain management - some of our clients suffer from spinal stenosis, disc herniations, and chronic sciatic pain.  Thus, our main objective is to restore structural balance and decompress arthritic joints, while realigning muscular tissue and decreasing inflammation, while also helping our clients achieve relaxation and stress relief.
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